Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fun Sorting Activity for Kindergarten/1st Grade

Joshua is in Kindergarten and they are doing reviews of sorting this week. We decided to have some fun with it and I dumped a bunch of porcupine rings out on the table. He had a pair of tweezers and one ice cream dish for each color of ring. First, he refined his hand/eye coordination by picking each color up with tweezers and putting it in the appropriate dish.

Then I challenged him to count how many were in each dish and write the number. (Counting, number recognition and writing) Then he got to put the dishes in order from fewest to most. (Math vocabulary and Skills)
It was really fun and kept him absorbed for a long time. It also helped him sharpen his skills in so many different areas. So much fun!

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Heidi Lindsay said...

Those are fun little porcupine rings. And what a smart idea for a way to teach so many concepts.