Friday, October 23, 2009

Significant Things that Happened today

1 - I got a package in the mail from Julie, in Hungary. Cool. It has two, handpainted wooden flutes, two decorativly shaped pencils, two Chocolate bars (yum) and a real live, hand written note. Love it. Brooklyn and Josh helped me eat one of the candy bars.

2 - I helped in Josh's class. They had a pumpkin party. Brooklyn and Josh got to decorate and eat sugar cookies and candy corn.

3 - Due to helping in class, Brooklyn didn't get a nap. But she did find the tootsie rolls and ate two.

4 - Due to the no nap thing, Brooklyn ran around like a banshee on Caffeine in a state of hyper-alert-over-tired sugar rush-ee-ness.

5 - Due to the running around, she popped her elbow out of joint.

6 - I popped it back into joint for the first time ever - without Dr. assistance.

I wonder what wonders we'll experience tomorrow.


Michaelangelo said...

umm, OW! Poor Brooklyn! And way to go not going to the instacare. You know how we feel about that place :) Does she do that often?

Heidi Lindsay said...

Poor Brooklyn. I am glad she has such a smart mommy to take care of her.
It was lots of fun to visit the other day. Lets do it again... hmmm... how about tomorrow night??? ;D

Andrea Hardman said...

Angela, yes it does. Partly because of her low muscle tone and partly because that's just how she is. The Dr. has taught me how to do it and so now, I get to.

Michaelangelo said...

how fun for you Andrea :)