Thursday, March 5, 2009

New House Pictures

All right! We have our framing started. This is what it looked like on Monday when I went to check it. I knew they were planning to start it and the wood had already been delivered.
This is what it looked like on Tuesday evening when we went by. We had one wall and a floor to walk on. This is Rhyan looking at our future master bedroom. The two little squares are going to be accent windows. And this is how it looked last night when we went by. More walls and the trusses for the roof have been delivered. The garage has been framed up and I'm not sure if we have stairs or not yet because I had all the kiddos with me so I didn't want to tramp up there. (it was cold, too) Here's a closer and blurier picture. That front corner window will be the boys room and the other window visible looks out from the living room. I'm really hoping they get the roof on tomorrow so that we can stop worrying about the weather slowing them down. Here's to fingers crossed for dry days. */*
Brooklyn is doing better too. Her tooth is slowly moving back into place and doesn't seem to be hurting her anymore. Yay. She also just started pretend singing to her dolls, which is a good developmental step for her. In other news, I went to the elementary school that the kids will be attending next year and got them all signed up then went into town and got Brooklyn her immunizations, raced home and got Casey into school. Whew. What a day.


Veater Family said...

AHHH!! How exciting. It's really happening!!

Heidi Lindsay said...

Wow. Nice and busy. Too bad about this storm today!!!