Saturday, February 28, 2009

Brooklyn's mishap

There has been saddness at our house. Yesterday morning we took Brooklyn to her singing class. They use all sorts of fun "instruments." Brooklyn was using percussion sticks and stuck one in her mouth, immediately fell forward off her chair - face first. The stick struck the floor and pushed her tooth back about a 1/4 inch. She also cut her lip and gums. Now, a day later, she also has swelling and bruising up by her nose on the left side. When she fell it scared me to death. We raced her to a pediatric dentist but he wasn't there. So we found another dentist in town who was able to look at the damage. He said it would be OK and that the tooth will acctually straighten itself back out over the next few months. So, we're just watching it and continuing with a regime of Ibuprophen every 6 hours or so combined with a LOT of love for my poor baby.
Not the most attractive pictures but they do show the poor little tooth.

You can see the tiny cut on her upper lip in this one and she is even more swollen now than she was when we took this picture but she is a trooper and only complains when the Baby Ibuprophen wears off.
I know she'll recover in time but keep her in your prayers please. It's been a traumatic couple of days. Thanks.


Veater Family said...

Wow she looks so grown-up! Poor baby girl... I don't like it one bit. We will say a little prayer for her.

amanda lynn said...

Oh so sad I feel horrible. That would scare me to if olivia did that. But you are tough and so is Brookie we will pray for her.

Paul and Care said...

What a scary situation, and a blessing that she will be okay -- so many horrible things could have happened. You all are blessed! I will pray for your family too.

Michaelangelo said...

Oh Brooklyn I'm so sorry you got a bad owie! Hope it starts feeling better soon!!

From a dental standpoint, you may want to have that xrayed if the dentist didn't already, just to make sure that the bone isn't fractured. And keep an eye on the tooth to make sure it doesn't discolor. And did you know you can alternate tylenol and ibuprofen every 3 hours if needed? Poor baby. We'll be praying for her!

Heidi Lindsay said...

I feel so sad for little Brooklyn! I hope she's doing a little better today!