Thursday, February 26, 2009

Supposed to Shmupposed to

The builders were supposed to start our framing last week. Then we had a mondo snow storm. then we were supposed to start this week. It rained. So now we're supposed to start sometime next week. Sigh. I feel really discouraged with it. It feels like we've been here forever and it's hard to believe that this house will ever get done.
Especially when I watch HGTV "My big amazing renovation." They always get done in 1/2 hour. TV is so great. I wish in real life I could use some speed up button or something. That would work. I'd stand at the construction site with my remote control and speed everybody up. Of course, they would still have to get there and get started! Geez.

By the way, I've found a fun way to pass these blaze February days. I like this blog of inspiring ideas. It's fun and I go there about every day. She's having a giveaway and I'm posting this to get my extra entrys but I would probably post it anyway if I'd thought of it. I like her stuff. The link is on my side bar too.


Michaelangelo said...

What a pain! Hope they start on your house soon!

Charity said...

Andrea, Good to hear from you on my blog!! I'll stop by and "see" you now and then. Good luck with the home building!!

Valerie said...

I would be careful when using the "fast forward" button on any remote control. Didn't you see the movie, "Click"? It didn't work out so well for Adam Sandler.

Sorry about everything. That would be very frustrating.