Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Brooklyn's Shriek

My baby is a Shrieker. Especially right now in her life. I think she is frustrated with not being able to walk and talk and all that good stuff but, Jeesh! She sounds like a BanShee! I recently watched the old movie, Willow. Do you remember that one? Well, if you watched it a lot, you may remember what the trolls sound like when the group gets to Tir-as-Lee. Well, Brooklyn could have been the sound bytes for those trolls. Really, it's almost an identical sound. Good thing she doesn't look like a troll! It's really her cuteness that saves her on a daily basis.


leschornmom said...

I LOVE you and your family!
We call my Maggie the Gremlin. Because she goes from cute and cuddly to psyco growling monster at any time!!

Veater Family said...

She can do no wrong in my eyes!

Michaelangelo said...

Oi, I feel for you! Invest in earplugs :)