Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Swapping Success!

A while ago I signed up for Wendi's swap, my first ever. I got paired with a really cute girl named Julie who lives in Hungary. Cool. Anyway, I just got her swap package! I was so excited. Really, how often do you get mail from Hungary? This is a first for me and it had presents! That's probably the best part. Here is the low-down on the package:

Here is my package! I got so many fun things.

Here are five handmade greeting cards with which to impress my friends and family.

A fun hand-painted picture frame perfect for the fall season and cooler weather.

Beautiful, hand-made magnets to grace my refrigerator. There are actually two more but they came apart in shipping. (No worries, I can put them back together)

And I saved the Chocolate for last. As you can see, it didn't even last until I got my camera out. Yum! I did save some for my kids and husband to try, though and felt quite self righteous about it. Me sharing chocolate is a big deal.

So, Thanks, Julie! I love my package and I hope you get yours soon.

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Julie said...

Oh, I am so happy you got it and that you LIKED it. You never know sending things to others, but I am so happy that you do like it and I am sorry the magnets broke a bit. I can send more...not sure if they will make it either... I could wrap them better! And I am glad you liked the chocolate!!! Yum. Love chocolate...