Friday, October 3, 2008


With fixing up a house for sale, we have spent a lot of money. My husband is very frugal. I mean, VERY frugal. I like this trait about him until he starts looking at the bank accounts very closely and notices all the little things that I buy. Now, I admit that I sometimes go to Walmart for milk and come home with 5-6 bags of fantastic finds that were SO cheap, Except that all together they cost, like $85 dollars. Or $138.95. I know I'm not alone in this. Only in my marriage, I really am alone in this. Rhyan has a will of iron. He goes for milk and comes home with milk. I can't shop with him.

We've had quite a lot of activity on our house. We've shown it quite a lot since it went back on the market last Tuesday. You know, the fact that someone could stop by at any moment and walk right through our house and look at all my closets and everything is just the motivation I need to keep the house clean. I think that despite the inconvienience, It's just what I needed.


Heidi Lindsay said...

Men. Grrr. Sorry. I hope your new offer goes through.

Julie said...

I totally understand. I cannot find cheap stuff here and when I need to buy stuff, it is always expensive and annoying! My husband doesn't look at our account and I do the banking... he trusts me so it works... but I totally understand!

And I can totally relate about the house being clean... here too. We are getting calls to come see the place last minute and it is so good and horrible at the same time...

Kimberly said...

I HATE Walmart!!! I truly don't know why, but that store is a curse! I seriously walk up and down the isles just grabbing crap, because I'm sure I need it! I get asked weekly how on Earth we spend so much at Walmart...we just do! : ) Good luck with the house. It's always irritating to sell it in better condition than it ever was when you lived in it right!? Why do we do that?

Leisha said...

You have alleviated so much of my spender's guilt. Thank You. I am truly alone in this trait in my marriage as well. If it were possible, I would have Jared do all the shopping because Wal-Mart or Target suck me in every time. What, with all their bright lights and "low, everyday prices!" I am consistently shocked at the checkout..."What? How did all this cheap stuff come to so much?"

Also, when I was selling our old house I started thinking, "Wow, keeping a house spic-and-span is not as hard as I thought, this is terrific, I'm going to keep this up when I move!"

It didn't happen.

Good luck with all of this!!!

Michaelangelo said...

Amen. Michael is the same way... although it has been good for me because my self control while shopping has greatly improved :) I'd rather not buy it than come home with a long receipt! Not that Michael ever questions me or cares that I'm spending "his" money- we're both pretty frugal.
Maybe that's the motivation I need to keep the laundry piles under control... Good luck with the selling.