Saturday, July 17, 2010

Torture Week - day 1

I decided to do a no electronics week for the kids as they were getting a little too attached to movies, Netflix and the Wii. Like....end of the world sobbing every time I made them turn it off. When I suggested this, they looked at me with incredulous and stricken little faces as if to say, why would you DO such a thing? "You mean like....all electronics, like ALL?" Yes, everything with a screen. So radio is OK, TV, Computer, Leapster and Wii are out. I was met with disbelieving silence and quivering lips.

So, today is day one. It's been rough.

15+...Number of times they've asked to turn on the TV

15+...Number of times kids have whined that there's nothing to do

15+ ...Number of times kids have been sent to their room for incessant whining

35+...Number of times Brooklyn has called someone a tupidhead

30+..Number of times I've heard, "mmOOOOm! He/She (fill in the blank)

2... (but the night is young) Number of times Erika's slammed her door

Family Fun Magazine promised me that it would be worth it.
I'm waiting for the good times. I may be waiting a while. Will I be able to stick with it? Tune in next time 2!


Jessica M said...

Great idea! Good luck!

Elizabeth said...

I love it! I've been thinking about doing it too, I'll be anxious to hear how the week turns out. On my screen free days lately i've been amazed at my girls' imaginations and the fun play they come up with!

Care said...

ooooh, can't wait to hear what happens next!!

tonya said...

Thanks for sharing. can't wait to hear how day 2 goes. I've tried that for a few hours. I'm a wimp. We need to try again. stay tough mama!

Queeey said...

We haven't ever gone completely without TV and computer, but I do have a suggestion for you. When we've had too much TV and computer games I like to go here for non-technology activity ideas:
the activities are fun and as a bonus it exercises their brains without them even realizing!

Andrea Hardman said...

I'm loving the kids who think blog! Everyone should check that one out. Great stuff.

Heidi Lindsay said...

You are a brave woman! I am proud of you. Some day your kids will be glad. Probably when they're in their 20s or 30s... but still. :)

Julie said...

you are such a rock star... I cannot wait to read all the updates!