Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blueberry pickin'

Our good friends here took us blueberry picking a few weeks ago. There is a fun little blueberry farm here owned by someone I call "Blueberry Man" (but not to his face) where you can eat as you pick and it's a lot of fun! We got there pretty early. I think it was about 9:00 AM. It was already swelteringly hot and humid but a beautiful day with blue sky and sunshine. See the squint-ee kids below? Yep, nice and bright.

The kids were eating most of what they picked. Which was fine with me! But I was roasting. Actually, I think it was more like being steamed. HU-MI-DI-TY

I think I was even starting to wilt a little when a delightful, cool breeze started....See the clouds coming in and blocking the heat a little? Lovely.

I was really making progress filling my bucket and enjoying the cooler temp when....

It suddenly went darker, and cooler......and darker......

(by this time, Casey had given up on blueberry hunting and had moved on to grasshoppers)

And then it seemed like night time all of a sudden and we had to sprint to Blueberry Man's covered work station as the clouds opened up and Alabama tried to WASH US AWAY.

Run, babies, run!

Safe under Blueberry Man's roof we couldn't really hear much over the racket of the rain hammering the tin but we could weigh our blue berries and pack them into bags. Yum.

It looks like Rhyan is marvelling at the sheer amount of rain but really he's just imaging blueberry pie.

We snapped this picture, grabbed our blueberries, and made a B-line to the van through the rain.

Another Alabama Adventure!


Sarah (and a few others) said...

wow, your pictures really do get darker and darker!

tonya said...

I do enjoy your descriptive (in word and photo) posts! Looks like fun!