Friday, January 8, 2010

Quirky is the Best Way to Describe it, I Think

I have heard that some people think it would be boring to stay home with kids all day long. I refute this. I've never yet been bored with my kids.
This is Lobst-ee. He's one of Joshua's favorite toys and one of my favorite examples of quirkiness at our house. As you can see, Lobst-ee is made of a gelatinous, rubbery substance and looks very much like a live lobster. Yet, this is who Josh likes to sleep next to on his pillow. Not a soft, plush toy, no....just a cold, squishy crustacean, thanks. I was equally mystified when he was about a year old and preferred eating rolly-polly bugs over mashed potatoes.

Anyhow.... Lobst-ee is well loved and often slung around by the pincers. This caused one appendage to come off and the other was only hanging on by a thread. There were tears and wailings and gnashings of teeth so despite the fact that I would be happy to see Lobst-ee go to toy heaven, I tried to fix him. I sewed his sticky little soul back together and made him a shirt to cover the scars. Joshua was SO happy. Casey was jealous.

Meet Spik-ee. Casey's soft plush Webkinz without a trace of spikiness about him. Spik-ee had to have an outfit. Not just a shirt. I refashioned one for him from a 25 cent Target tee. It has a matching hat too.

End of story: Lobst-ee is up for more rough and tumble play, Spik-ee is nice and warm and Mom is the hero of the day! Kids are SO not boring.


April said...

We have a plush lobster called "Rob the lobster " he was friends with "Bob the frog"

Krystal said...

Awe - now that was a cute post! I love when the story ends with Mom saving the day!

Care said...

Holy cow, I can't believe I didn't post on this earlier!

LOBSTER!! *L*O*V*E* !!!!!!!!

My sister had a special lobster growing up. It was The. Most. Hideous. Thing. I have ever seen! At least yours is cuter!!

You are a lobster-shirt-making genius.