Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to School and Heavenly Choirs

Erika is gone back to school and Casey is getting ready. (is it just me or are angels rejoicing this fine school morning?) I started the day with piano practice for the kiddos and scripture study and a few crunches. Brooklyn adds to the resistance by sitting on my chest each time I lay down. Consequently, I only get in a few before I give up. Oh well. Yay for a normal day. I even feel psyched about doing laundry. That shouldn't take too long to wear off, though. And I leave you with a couple of Christmas pictures that I ripped off of Heidi's site. Thanks, Heidi! SWAK.

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Cederberg Family said...

Yah for routine!!! I am missing Gary, but I am also excited to get back into the swing of things!!! The wierd thing is that I am also excited to do laundry! I want to get it all done plus bedding. Lets see how it works. Keep your fingers crossed!