Monday, September 22, 2008

Brooklyn Cleaning and Sugar Craving Solution

Here is Brooklyn helping me make the house showready. Acctually, this was taken before we put the house on the market but I love it anyway. She so wants to be able to stand and do this kind of thing now. She did something important the other day though it sounds small. She transfered herself from a pole at the playground to another pole about 1 1/2 feet away, cruising!!! This is a big milestone step for her. We've been working on cruising for a long time and she is finally showing some idea of "getting" it.

In other news, I think I'm addicted to sugar. My Dr. says it's all psycological but I don't believe him. He's also skinny so maybe he's never dealt with this kind of thing? I don't really know that and we love our Dr. He is one of those that really listens and hears what I'm saying so he's a keeper. But today, after months of deliberation, I went in and requested an appetite suppressant so that I can hopefully get rid of my sugar cravings. Here's my plan. I'll take the suppressant for 2-3 weeks and not eat (or crave) any sugar durring that time. Then my body won't feel like it needs it survive and I'll slowly stop taking the drug, (one day on, one day off) and still not need so much sugar! Isn't this a brilliant plan? Don't tell me if you don't think it is. I only want to hear about happy, good stories involving weight-loss drugs.


Heidi Lindsay said...

Lol. He finally gave in huh. Well I hope it works. Because if it does, I'm going to bully my doctor into giving me an appetite suppressant too!

Veater Family said...

I think that is a wonderful plan. It will work!