Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wedding Prep

I didn't have a better day, by the way. I waited 3 hours at the car dealership for a new bolt. Now, it wasn't their fault that the one that they had to go get two different ones from different places and it wasn't their fault that I had to entertain all of my kids for such a long time. It has occured to me though that if I had stuck around in the area and let my kids "help" the mechanics, they may have been motivated to work a little faster. That's my strategy next time. In the mean time, I've been very busy with wedding preparations for my way cute sister in law, Heather. She's getting married in 8 days! Yay. I won't post much about it yet because pictures would be a spoiler at this point. (She reads here, Hi Heather) But, I did finish putting the ribbon on 5 little girls dresses; a task not as easy as it may appear. And I have been shopping for matching clothes for the boys to wear. All the while, trying not to eat like a maniac because I do that when I'm feeling stress.

This is a fun video we took at Josh's birthday party.

This is our little Brooklyn at play at the party.


Amber Cederberg said...

Love the videos!! Good luck with all of the wedding plans, I hope it all works out perfectly! I was glad to read your recommindations on the cook bok! I have been debating anout it! But Regie likes veggies so why hide them? I hope to see your family soon!!

Heidi Lindsay said...

I hadn't checked your blog in a while. Love the videos and pictures and of course the recollection of Appointment Man. He is my favorite super hero.
Well I hope that all the plans go as planned tomorrow. I forgot what time I am supposed to be there so I'll have to call you in the morning.