Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The hope for a brighter tomorrow, today

I have hope that today will end up better than yesterday. I left yesterday morning at 8:00 AM for an appointment in a city about 35 minutes away. Brooklyn was seeing an Audiologist at 9:00. Well, I had the address but the building wasn't there. I drove and drove up and down that street, no 714 Harrison. So, because I don't have a cell phone anymore, I found a pay phone. Did you know that they charge $1 for one call? Highway robbery. And I didn't have a dollar, I only had 70 cents. So I had to buy an outrageously expensive drink inside before making a call to Rhyan. He looked up another address for the same Dr. and away we went. I finally found that place but there was no where to park, like at all. I circled the block 4 times and happened on a spot. So, I get the kids out, (We're already 15 minutes late) and we start running for the cross walk, about 10 yards away. Well, Ms Police woman stops us and says, you can't walk here. You have to go around to the sidewalk. grrrrr. I detour, ignoring the fact that I was almost to the crosswalk already. OK, inside, there is noone there. None of the non-descript doors are marked except the bathrooms. So, I found a directory and we headed to the 3rd floor. No one there has ever heard of Dr. Kurt Randal. I'm starting to feel panicky. We get a tip to check the 1st floor. I head down there and start opening random doors. One is a utility closet, the next a cleaning supply, finally, I hit the jackpot! Real people! So they tell me to go around the corner and I'll find them. So I found the hidden door and another receptionist. She tells me that Dr. Randall does sometimes come there but I really needed to be at, wait for it.....714 Harrison. AAAAAAAARRRGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!! But when I said that to her, it mostly came out as a sniffle because by that time, we were more than 1/2 hour late, I'd been talked to by a condesending police officer and had dragged 4 kids around and I was crying. She was really nice and called the right people and got them to agree to see me anyway and then gave me detailed instructions on how to get there. I found it. It was set WAY back on the road. sigh. But for all that, I have good news. Brooklyn hears just fine. So, I hope that today is better. Much better.


Krystal said...

WOW, I can only imagine your frustration! I hate when things like that happen and it continues to spiral downward. I had a panic slightly like that taking Addyson to her Allergy specialist, so I do pitty you. Glad things turned out good and hope today is better. If not, tomorrow will be for sure - you get to see us :)!!

Kimberly said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your day. I'm so glad you finally made it. What a hassle, and it is so much harder when you're trying to drag around all of the kids! Good work woman! Chalk it up to ONE MORE DEFEAT FOR MOMMIE!!!!!! Love you!