Tuesday, June 10, 2008

On Elephants and Giraffes

The previous post is one that I found in my email box. I thought it funny but not as funny as my husband's assesement of this "test." Here you go: (P.S. If you read the previous post, this one will make more sense to you.)

These people are victims of their own logic. They asked, “How do you put an elephant into ‘a’ refrigerator.” They didn’t say anything about which fridge. They left it generic on purpose so they could trick you, but they deliberately left out key information, knowing that you would assume the fridge was empty, because of course you’d never put an elephant in a full fridge. And it also assumes that you put the giraffe into the fridge to begin with. They never said, ”put the giraffe in the fridge.” They just asked how do you put one in. So there is no giraffe in the fridge to begin with so they can’t even follow their own instructions. The same is true for all their questions. They ask how. They never say to do it or that it was done. They did this deliberately knowing that your mind would make obvious assumptions, which they would then change on you. And according to their logic I couldn’t possibly cross a river because I’m busy putting animals into and out of refrigerators and even if I could be there to cross the river how could I morally do it knowing that there is a poor suffocating elephant that hasn’t been taken out of a fridge and who it missing a conference. And by strict definition humans are animals so if the elephant is the only animal missing, according to their impeccable logic, I can’t cross any river because I’m apparently at the conference hanging out with crocodiles. And the picture is almost certainly an alligator and not a true crocodile unless there is a secret species of crocodile living in the Ozarks. It’s no wonder children get these question right more often than adults. Any adult who gets these questions correct, according to the bizarre answers, would have to make 4 dumb ass assumptions.

1) Your refrigerator is 10 feet tall, 10 feet wide and 10 feet deep or you’re dealing with miniature animals.
2) A giraffe or elephant would let you put it in a fridge.
3) The movie “Lion King”, is not a cartoon, but really happened, which means of course that Santa, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter bunny are real too.
4) You are stupid enough to swim across a river where crocodiles live, because someone told you they’re at a conference hosted by the Lion King.


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Oh my gosh...THANK YOU FOR THAT!!!!!

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How funny! What a potty mouth...j/k

Heidi Lindsay said...

HA ha ha! That was fantastic! Tell Rhyan I loved it!