Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Alarms!! Red Lights Flashing!

Warning. We are down to two binkies. Yes, of the seven that we own, I only know where two binkies are. That includes the EB. Which of course, stands for emergency binkie that's still in it's designated spot in the van. Unless I used it last time and forgot to put it back.

I start having nervous tics when we get down to three. I know how fast these things can get out of hand.
Oh, and have you seen the "glow in the dark" binkies? What a load of, (you know.) Those things emit a mild glow if you've held them up to the sun for 10 minutes before running to a dark closet to see the glow. But after about 10 minutes you're just as likely to stumble into the inferior binkie as the cool one. Don't waste your time on the vain hope that you'll now be able to traipse into baby's room and just pick up the binkie, which will be glowing so nicely there on floor just to the left of the crib.

I didn't mean to dash your hopes. So, if you'll excuse me, I have to go search for the binkies. My peace of mind depends on it.


Michaelangelo said...

Good luck in the search!! I don't know how we've done it, but we've never had more than 2 plugs (as they are called at our house) at a time... and we're pretty mean parents because we took them away from the boys cold turkey at 18 months. I have a cousin whose year old baby has the original soothie from the hospital-- those things don't even have a handle to tie onto!

leschornmom said...

Never had that problem...I've tried to get every one of my children to take one and they just don't like them. To bad too because I think babies with binkies are the cutest!
PS. I would love for you to walk me through the digi-scrap thing. I don't know any one who does it.

Heidi Lindsay said...

Andrea you are so funny. I hope you have found a replacement EB! I also hope you are enjoying your anniversary trip in Idaho!!

Andrea Hardman said...

Thank you everyone. The binkie emergency has subsided. My aunt bought us two more. We now own 9. I'm shocked that you made it with two plugs, Angela. Either you are better at keeping track or your babies don't have as good a loft on them when they're thrown. And about the digi-scrapping stuff, I use Photoshop or photoshop elements and would be useless to you unless you have one of those because I don't know a thing about the other programs that you can use. But if you do have those, I would be happy to run through some basics to get you started, at least. Let me know if it would help.

Leisha said...

Ahhh, that makes me laugh. My daughter was a total binkie lover and we were always doing "binkie round-ups!" My oldest son never took a bink, but with every new baby we get I "work" with them until they like the binkie because it creates such peace-of-mind!