Saturday, June 28, 2008

Church Socks

Where do all the dark church socks go? Is there a secret commune somewhere where missing socks can be found? We have 6 pair. I did ALL the laundry. Only one black sock. The rest are out partying somewhere, I guess and it's 11:03 and I don't want to go to Walmart to get new socks. I'm too lazy. So I guess my kids are going to look like nerds tomorrow. White socks with dark pants.

So, I send a plea to the secret sock commune: Please send the socks home. We love them and miss them. We want them to be with us always. Socks, come home!

Oh, wow. I must be really tired. Yes, bed time for me. Goodnight.


leschornmom said...

When I read the first sentence of your post I just laughed out loud! My husband read it and did the same thing!
We have three boy and millions of socks and yet NONE OF THEM MATCH! We just had this discussion this morning!
Well at least you know your not the only ones and your poor little socks aren't alone! Maybe they're all together (yours and mine) at a family reunion or something!

Sandy & Rick said...

It is never a "pair" of socks that dissapears. Just one of each kind...

Michaelangelo said...

Congratulations on getting all of your laundry done! That is my arch enemy :)

Heidi Lindsay said...

You are so funny Andrea!!! I just adore you! :)

Krystal said...

Believe me, they would not be the only ones with white socks at church! To be honest, I get a kick out of seeing them all in primary!
BTW, you've been tagged!