Thursday, May 15, 2008

OK. One last one

Brooklyn had her very first full ponytail ever the other day and I wanted to show it off. It lasted all of twenty minutes before it started falling out but it was there none the less! Also, Erika had her dance recital and did very well. The recital was 1 1/2 hours long. wow was I glad when it was over, despite the talent being displayed. There is only so much tap and ballet one mom can take. See you in a week. This time for real.


Heidi Lindsay said...

Yea for pony-tails!!! I sure hope you're enjoying your trip! Your scrapbook pages look awesome! I almost want to do some now! :D

Amber Cederberg said...

Nice ponytail!! Regie does not have enough hair to even consider one of those yet!!! Love yah!

Michaelangelo said...

Such cute little girls!
Hope you have a GREAT time in Texas!! I love the scrapbook pages by the way... good work!

Heidi said...

So nice to meet you today in church! Thanks for coming up!

Is it weird that it made me feel like a movie star???? Maybe don't answer that.