Sunday, April 13, 2008

Baby Animal Days

The Bunny, The Bunny, Oh, I love the Bunny! - Vegitales

"Give me more Animals, NOW!!"

Well, once again we went and paid good money to stand in line and pet baby animals. Our pioneer ancestors are rolling over in thier graves and asking each other, "Are you kidding? They stand in lines to pet stinky little cows?" And I have to answer with a resounding Yes! We love baby animal days. It is only when you stop to really think about it that it sounds silly. I don't love to stop and think anyway and that allows me to enjoy things like standing in lines to hold a soft, baby chickens and ducks. It allows me to allow Brooklyn to skip her afternoon nap in order to hold those wiggly little turtles (My personal favorite!) I can even smile through all the crying (Caused by taking a baby chicken away because she was sqeezing his head.) oops. One mom has only two hands, after all. I can do all of this because deep down, I LOVE holding baby animals. I never did grow out of it. Yea for babies!


Valerie said...

It is kind of a weird notion, isn't it? So fun though! The bunny is so adorable.

Heidi Lindsay said...

That was lots of fun! I am so glad I got to come with you!

elisa moulton family said...

I LOVE baby animal days. Thanks for letting us come with you. I look foward to it every spring. My favorites are the ducks and those stinking cute tiny turtles. That's actually a cute picture of us. Love ya.

Leisha said...

I can't decide which is cuter, the baby animals or the actual babies! Those little strawberry blonde kids are waaaay tooo cute for words! xoxo