Sunday, March 30, 2008

On Her Trail

Yesterday Erika told me that Brooklyn was leaving a trail behind her as she "scooched" across the floor. I made some sort of acknowledgement and didn't think much of it because, what else do small children do but leave trails behind? Every day I follow crumb trails, sock trails, sand trails, etc... Well, Rhyan came in and said, Andrea, you better look at this. She really is leaving a trail. I looked and, sure enough, the kitchen floor, under the table, around the chairs, in a circle in the middle, had a crayon path. And everywhere she went, went the crayon mark. So, I picked her up and wouldn't you know it? She had managed to pick up a colored pencil lead on her pants as she scooted around and it was marking the floor with each scooch! And you thought that only happened in the comics!


Valerie said...

That's funny! At least it was an "innocent" misfortune. Just wait until she does it on purpose. :)

Andrea Hardman said...

True. I randomly went to your friend Heidi's blog and she is SO funny. I think that her comment on never getting angry with this cute, little baby is right on target!