Sunday, September 4, 2011


We spent most of this summer in Utah and Idaho, visiting family and friends. While there, we attended: The Hardman Family Reunion in Cour D'alane, ID and the Lindsay Family Reunion at Bear Lake, the Don Lindsay Family Reunion at Kings Hill, ID, and my sister Heidi's wedding in Salt Lake City! We went down South with Julie and had fun at the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point (and earlier, in Ogden!) and went to the art museum in Springville. We attended church in almost all of these places and by the time we came home, I was SO ready to unpack my suitcase and stay at home for a while.

Cassie Stallings, Olivia Black, Brooklyn Hardman and Olivia Lynn sitting on Heather. Abbie was none to thrilled to share her mommy! But we returned her just as good as new a few minutes later.

In Idaho, we did SO many fun things. One of these was going to tour a gold mine.


We played at the amusement park in Athole, ID. Say that name out loud. I do. hehehe

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