Monday, November 1, 2010


We participated in our wards trunk or treat this year as we do every year. Lots of candy fast + easy night=me likey. We didn't get around to carving pumpkins this year. I didn't feel guilty about it like I thought I would and I just checked and I still don't feel guilty. hmm.

Casey made his own robot design and Rhyan and I made it a reality. That kid's an engineer at heart, just like his daddy. He wanted me to make him into a centaur with flying bat-wings and red, glowing eyeballs that he could really look out of. He even had the idea that Joshua could be the back-end of this creature. (Josh's desire for participation was completely irrelevant in his point of view) I am flattered in his belief in my abilities at costume making and happy that he obviously thinks Josh is the self-sacrificing type that would "take one for the team," but, sheesh.

I was a three musketeer and Brooklyn rode a horse.

Yes, the ever popular Harry Potter joined us on Halloween and got his wand taken away on no fewer than two occasions for using it inappropriately to whack his brother.
Brooklyn was adorable, of course.
She always is.
Erika was the only Hermione in attendance at our trunk or treat, I think but there were at least two other Harry Potters. (mine was the cutest, though) (Sorry Adam!)

And the yummy mummy dogs we had. On a pumpkin plate. We dipped them in ketchup blood. How Halloween-cool are we!?


hope said...

I love Trunk-or-Treat!!! My fave!!!

Jessica M said...

The hot dog mummies are so fun! What a great idea! I never saw Joshua in his costume - too bad, I would have cheered. He looks fantastic. And Erica made a great Hermione.

Heidi Lindsay said...

Love it! The costumes are great! No pics of Rhyan? Wow! Josh looks so different with dark hair! Crazy.

Shannon said...

Awesome costumes! I miss the old days when we went door to door, but trunk or treat really is better for young kids.