Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Helen Keller Week!

Yesterday we started reading this book about Annie Sullivan and her experience teaching Helen.
Then we went to the library to find a book in Braille to explore with our fingers. What do we use to read braille?............
That's right. Our fingers.

Our library had this awesome book called "The Black Book of Colors" It has written words, raised braille and raised images for little fingers to explore. We closed our eyes and explored the book together. We also checked out the braille signs by the doors and on the bathroom plaques. Now that we're noticing it, braille is everywhere!
Today we will finish the book and I also got the Disney version of the movie for us to watch.
During this week, we have plans to explore our other senses in many fun ways, write coded messages to our cousins using braille dots and finishing out with a trip on Friday morning to Helen Keller's birthplace in Tuscumbia, AL. If you want to come with us, give me your email in the comments and we'll coordinate the trip!
Can't wait!


Emily H. said...

Oh man I so wish we could go with you guys! I can't say that I'm not excited about our vacation though! I'm probably going to steal your helen keller week idea- with the books and everything. That's alright, right? :) I love reading the updates on the no electronics this week. When I picked up my kids from the gym your boys seemed to love the new game system. Are they going to enjoy going to the gym now? Isaac loves going. Now if only they had a library for the girls!

Jessica M said...

You are such a fun and creative mom. You inspire me!

Jessica M said...
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Heidi Lindsay said...

Very cool! It's awesome that you live by so many historical things! Wish I could come.