Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Here are my kids during Dr. Seuss week. Crazy hair day. Obviously. I dyed the boys hair with koolaid, not so obviously. Don't strain your eyes. You can't tell.

I have just one week left in this semester. I just took my lab final today. I misspelled Brachialis, and two other muscle names with "Brachi" in them. Darn darn darn.

I also found out that I don't care about anything in my history book from chapter 52 - 551/2. I find myself slipping into a coma after about 2 paragraphs.

In other news, Rhyan recently informed me that I need a vacation due to generally excessive grouchiness. I glared at him murderously which proved his point nicely. (or grouchily. Whatever)


Heidi Lindsay said...

Ha ha! Love the hair. I wonder how they used to do that Koolaid dye job in Junior high. Remember that. I remember that *heart* *heart* Aaron, the boy I used to crush over did it to his hair a few times. Man, he was beautiful with purple hair. ;) tee hee hee.

And I wish I had money because I would love to come with you on a momcation! We could hitch up our wagons/boats and head out to Hawaii! Or Florida or Greece! Yeah... sigh. I'll be on vacation with you in spirit.

Jessica M said...

Nice hair! And I think Rhyan just gave you license to go shopping. Disappear quickly before he knows what happened.

Melissa said...

I would love to come! But nobody can call me "mom" ask me to do anything for them or get them anything. I just finished my last day of tutoring (the three month job I had) today and am soo soo happy!
Miss you tons.