Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Fairy-Tale Existence

There are times in my life when I connect with fairy tales. Like when Erika grumbled that she "is JUST like Cinderella," the way I make her empty the whole dishwasher and all.

It's not all a fairy-tale, certainly. Even if I call my kids dwarfs and dye my hair black, no bird is going to come scrub my bathroom. But there are still the little Joshua's Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Rothstien. No one in the class can say it right. It's a lot easier to call her Mrs. Frosting. It's like Candy Land. Awesome.

But I've noticed more sinister paralells too. Sometimes I bribe the kids with sweets and candy and It's not like Candy Land. Remember Hansel and Grettle? ....And the witch who measures Hansel's finger to see if he's plump enough to eat yet? Well, about every month, I measure Erika, just waiting for the day that her arm is long enough to move the clothing from the bottom of the washing machine into the dryer. She's almost there.

*kackle kackle*


Vickie said...

Darling girl! I showed a couple of your posts to some ladies here at work and they nearly laughed their heads off. And without prompting, one of them asked and they all agreed...Is she published anywhere? She should be! I, as your unbiased mother, agreed with them wholeheartedly. Your writing is clever.

Krystal said...

You are just too fun :) Your vivid imagination, and descriptive writing makes my day each time I read your blog! You think of things that I would never dream of! So very cute :)

Sorry to hear about your neck. I must say though, your are one hot mama in the neck brace! You pull it off nicely ;)

As always, you amaze me by keeping upbeat and happy about all in life (brace and all) what a great example you are!

tonya said...

Thanks, Andrea. I always feel better after I read your posts, although I feel very bad for you about your neck. You have my sympathy! You really crack me up! I sure miss you!

Heidi Lindsay said...

Oh Andrea, You crack me up! I love you!

Care said...

HA HA HA HA!!! You are hiLARRYous!!

Melissa said...

Thanks for the laughs!