Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Facing my Fears

I have a fear that I may have to start twittering, a thing I vainly hoped to avoid. This is not a snob issue. Some people avoid tweets because they're kinda trendy. I avoid them because, like others before me, I have a fear of looking stupid in front of teenagers and I also fear new technology. Still, I do love the sound of bird song so the name twittering has a certain appeal.

However, I know I'm treading on dangerous technological ground because I feel a little panicky every time FB changes the layout....and I take 5 painful minutes to text something like "u still up?" because I can't figure out the dumb itap stuff despite having been shown on 3 different occasions. My sisters know when they get that message that I'm about to call anyway. (They're so rolling their eyes right now because probably your grandma can text faster than me and they know it.)

Which leads me to my next fear. Being judged. Mostly by Australians. I've always known that Australians were cooler than me. It's the accent perhaps. I think it all started when I fell in love with that unattainable Man from Snowy River. Be still my heart. I realized that I could never be his dream girl because I don't have wild, brown tresses or play the piano while darkly emotional or even wrestle badly behaved horses. The only thing I have is an authentic leather Australia-type hat that I got at the Utah State Fair.

Well.....a little while ago, my map showed that someone from Australia had visited my blog. An Australian! On my blog! And that Australian didn't leave a comment and hasn't been back, leading me to believe that either she (we'll assume it was a woman) got lost and never meant to come to my blog in the first place or that she's
Judging me. You already know which one I think it is.


Michaelangelo said...

You are so hilarious! I love the way you write :) I will buy your book someday....!

Leah said...

Mee too!!! :) I love reading your posts :)

tonya said...

Ah, don't fear. I knew a girl from NZ in high school who was very nice. Therefore, since she was from a country near Australia, (isn't NZ just a suburb???) and she was nice, everyone from A. must be nice. Aren't all the people in commercials with A. accents nice?

Julie said...

you crack me up... and I so don't understand twitting... and barely get through facebook. I am with you but I am a fast texter :) That comes from living in Europe and it was huge when I moved here in 2001 and still is... I didn't even know what it was before moving to If you figure out twitter, let me know :)
Righto... that is, I got it from an aussie soap I watched over here while nursing Eli, it was always on during that time... called McLeod's Daughters... loved the first couple of seasons :)

Andrea Hardman said...

Thanks guys! But Tonya, maybe they're nice and maybe not, they are ACTORS if they are on commercials. So.....And Julie, I signed up for twitter but I can't find anyone I know so I'm just chillin' in the back trying (very successfully, I'm sure) to be inconspicuous while I figure things out.

elisa moulton family said...

U can't text 2 save UR life. :D

I love you!!!! You are not being judged. That Australian obviously had terrible taste not to leave a comment.