Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Update and an unexplainable complex

My awesome parents gave me a GPS for my birthday. It has been invaluable while we are here. I use it every day multiple times. My ability to get lost has shrunk considerably. And that was a pretty stong point in my personality.
I have noticed, however, that I have issues. Whenever I miss a turn, or choose to go a different way, the nice female compter voice say, "recalc-u-lating." At first it makes me laugh but after a while, I start to feel guilty. It dosen't make any sense. My heart rate goes up and I want to apologize and everything. Somehow I think it's genetic, though. The other day when it had to "recalc-u-late" several times, Erika said, with a nervous twinge, "Mom, I think you better turn, it's gonna get mad." Aaaa, nature vs. nurture. ie...how much of this can I blame on my mom?
In other news, everyone is doing great. Casey has a cough and is home from school. So he feels great, Josh is having a party at school and yesterday won a free skating party that the school was giving away. He feels great. Christmas is coming. We're feeling it.
Here is a picture of our apartment when we firts got here. All that junk in the corner was in our van. How did it all fit? Rhyan played the kids Leapsters. He got up to Jedi Master on Jedi math!
And this is where I found the boys on the morning of the first day of school. Hanging out under the sink in the bathroom. (it was still empty at the time) They liked this new hideout!

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Heidi Lindsay said...

Seriously. How did you fit all of that in the van? Did you have Merlin the wizard along to shrink everything for you? Did you have to sing the song to make it shrink? ;)