Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fair and Rodeo Time, Yeehaw

So, somehow, months just slide right by me. We've had a crazy August which is now, obviously, gone. My kids grew little tiny white pumpkins this year to enter at the fair. They were so cute and the kids did actually weed and water every now and then to get those little guys to grow. But I forgot what a pain it is to get 4 kids and 6 vegetables bathed and to the fair grounds on time to enter the little suckers so that the kids can feel good about the $1 they get in prize money. I actually felt a little like Cinderella except I was carrying the pumpkins instead of the pumpkins carrying me. (ignoring, of course, the fact that I'm married, have 4 kids and prince charming would have rolled his eyes had I even suggested we go to a ball)

Then we went to the rodeo. It was only the third rodeo I've ever been to and I didn't remember them being quite so long. I did enjoy it but the drunk people enjoyed it more. A lot more.

My favorite part was the calf roping. Only a few of the cowboys were successful and when I looked at the kids, they were cheering for the calves. "Run. Run, baby cow, run!" PETA execs in the making? I guess they don't approve of that kind of bovine violence. Or maybe my kids are just the kind that root for the under-dog. Or the under-cow, as the case may be.

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Heidi Lindsay said...

Ha ha! How fun! I can't believe how fast the months pass. Crazy. Well I am glad you had fun at the fair and Rodeo.