Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Stuff of Nightmares or, The View Out My Window

In our new house, the computer is set up in the basement right next to a window with a good sized window well. So while I'm working on the computer, I can gaze out the window at the gravel at the bottom of the well. Boring, right? Not so. For in my window well are trapped about 30 grasshoppers of varying sizes, at least 3 big black crickets, some rolly polly (potato, pill) bugs and at least 3 spiders, one wolf and two of the web building variety. Also there have sprouted at least 100 tiny Siberian elm seedlings. Hateful things, Siberian elm seedlings. But I have my own, gross, little terrerium. So lucky......really.


elisa moulton family said...

Aw... how relaxing that must be. NOT! I think that would creep me out. Good luck with that. :D

Shannon said...

Yikes! I know how petrified you are of grasshoppers. You would become frozen with fear every time we tried to cross the field between our houses growing up. I can't wait to see your new beautiful house.

Care said...

love it, love it!!!!

good to hear you are still out there.... somewhere.... :o)