Thursday, March 19, 2009

St. Patricks Day and Baptism Dress

Here is our fun from St. Patricks Day. This first blurry picture is of the box the kids decorated to put in the moonlight on St. Patricks Eve. Legend has it that a box left overnight will be filled with leprechaun gold. The leprechauns don't like this, naturally, and they hide their boxes so that the kids (hopefully) won't find them. But my kids are natural hunters and they found the box pretty easy the next morning. It was filled with gold candy coins and real coins for the piggy bank too. It was quite a haul.

Now this is the leprechaun trap the kids and I made. It has a trap door on top with gold painted rocks and a rainbow that we used as a lure. Though it's blurry, we also put a sign on it saying "No Leprechauns and No Climbing" Because we all know how much those little devils love to break the rules.

Sure enough, the next morning the trap had been sprung but there was no leprechaun. He did leave a note, taunting the kids and egging them on for next year. Casey took the disapointment better than I imagined he would. The chocolate and bubblegum coins may have played a part in that, though. He has already designed a new and improved trap for next year.
And finally, here is the baptism dress for Erika. It is a two piece pattern and she looks so cute in it. We are planning the baptism now. If any of you friends and family will be in the area on March 28th at 9:00 AM, please email me. We would love to have you.


elisa moulton family said...

You and your kids are SO creative. I love the trap and the box. You did such a good job on the dress, I can't wait to see her in it. Love you :)

My word verification is "mascrond." It sounds like something to call someone. ;)

Veater Family said...

Wow Andrea! You have out done yourself. What a beautiful dress!

Anonymous said...

Making a leprechaun trap is so awesome. You are a great mom! Shannon