Thursday, January 22, 2009

On the Great Competence of Insurance Companies

We got a big bill this month. It should have been paid by our insurance but it wasn't. I called the Insurance company with the information and they couldn't find any record of this claim.
OK, whatever. I called the hospital billing office. They did have the records and gave me the denial codes that my insurance company sent them. The code was something like number 247, non conflicting code violations. What? Apparently the codes are fine, I'm the one having conflict. grr.
The lady at the hospital had no idea what that particularly happy code means. She's going to resend the claim. I asked her to please use conflicting codes this time. Silence. She didn't think that was funny, I guess. These codes obviously have the power to suck all happiness from life. Poor lady.


Heidi Lindsay said...

Yeah... Sounds like your insurance company is as smart as mine. Sigh!

Michaelangelo said...

How fun for you!! Good luck!

Paul & Care said...

UGH......... Don't even get me started on insurance!!!!

Hope everything gets straightened out!