Friday, November 7, 2008

EB makes a comeback and too much candy

I've had very little sleep the last few nights because of EB. For those of you who don't know, EB stands for Evil Brooklyn, who only comes out at night. Specifically, she wakes up at about 1:00 AM each morning and doesn't go back to sleep until around 3:00. Last night was better. I let her sleep in the middle of our bed and she did pretty well except that she is a little heat-seeking missile so I spent the night with her smashed up against my side. Endearing and exhausting at the same time. Plus, I guess I keep moving over a little to give her more room so by morning, she had a good 4 feet of bed and I was teetering on the last 7 inches. This is better than a couple of nights ago when I tried to let her sleep by me and every time I'd drift off to sleep, I'd get a tiny finger up my nose or she'd yell one short little, "BOP!" I swear, that's what the alarm clock sounds like in Hell. I hope she starts sleeping soon.

Plus, there is still WAY too much candy in the house. My only hope is if my teeth rot out soon so I can only suck on the taffy's or gum the candy corn, or I can do like Brooklyn and eat an entire fun-size Snickers bar without swallowing a single peanut, and then spit them on the rug. hmmmm, challenging.


Heidi Lindsay said...

lol. Hopefully EB will get used to sleeping at grandma's house soon! I hear you on the candy thing! I totally ate all of the candy I bought and promised myself I'd make it last over a month! D'oh!

leschornmom said...

I am living with EM right now (Evil Maggie) I've never actuall y called her that before but if the shoe fits...Any way... All we can do is love them,learn to sleep on 7 inches of bed with fingers up our noses and PRAY that it's just a phase!

leschornmom said...

Oh ya!...The candy thing... I don't have to steal it from my kids...The entire time we were trick-or-treating I heard "LOOK MOM! Your favorite!" or "I picked this one out for you!"
I have my minions very well trained! (I wonder how long that will last!)

Michaelangelo said...

Oi! It is so hard when kids won't sleep... we've never let our kids sleep with us (mean parents, I know), but I've definitely spent many hours up trying to get them back to sleep. My kids thought the candy "disappeared" so fast. It's hidden in a cupboard and they earn it by being good.... of course there's not nearly as much there as when we put it there, and they haven't been that good, if you catch my drift.