Saturday, October 11, 2008

Just a Warning!

We went to Wal-Mart yesterday and took the kids with us. We have a rule that they don't get to ask for everything in the store. This rule wasn't working because they weren't asking for everything in the store. Only about 2-3 items per aisle. So, I implemented the "no asking for anything" plan. Well, this was hard for them and they had many starts and stops with warning glances from me. Erika is pretty good at getting around these kind of things. She came up to me and pointing to the bananas, said, "There's the bananas. I'm not asking for bananas, I'm just warning you that we are out of bananas. I don't really want them but our family will probably not be very happy without banana's in the house. Just a warning." Then she walked away. Jeesh!


Heidi Lindsay said...

LOL! clever girl! She cracks me up.

Julie said...

that is really funny. You have very smart kiddos!

Tori said...

Sounds so familiar, I have had the same convo with Mica.