Monday, September 1, 2008

Goin' Up?

Brooklyn crawled up most of the stairs today by herself! Well, I was kneeling right beside her, of course! And growling at her so she would go farther. (She loves that game!) I couldn't get any pictures because, of course, I was by her! 6 months of work and she did it! I've been noticing and trend with her. It seems like everything we try to teach her, she masters about 6 months later. Hmmm. I'll watch that. She is getting really big and she is harder to carry around now. I think she's 23 lbs of cuteness and all that cuteness hurts my back on a regular basis. I hope she will walk by the time she's two, though. If she keeps up the progress, I think it's possible. She is really a joy. Such a blessing to all of us. I'm getting teary.
So, off of the mushy stuff and onto the other stuff. Casey wants to move right now. Why? Because he's "sicka" this house. It's only got one hall. Poor deprived kid. Erika dissolves into tears every time she thinks about the cats that she doesn't have yet. (Yes, we will get cats someday but this is not NOW so it's not good enough) Here is the inadequate house:
I love our cute little house. It's been good to us. I see nothing wrong with it at all. And I think we have two halls, acctually.

It has been delicously cool today. And I'm loving that. But I will miss those carefree days of summer. Here is a picture of Brooklyn, Erika, Casey and Josh loving the last of those days for this year. Do you see that cute face?!! It's kind of little but you can imagine the squeals of excitement that were involved.
And finally, whenever we go to the county fair, we have a blast. I got a second place for my Colored Pencil painting, Erika got a blue ribbon and Casey got a purple. But our favorite part? Yes, dancing in the pavillion. I've never seen any adults out there. (Until later, and then a lot of beer is involved, I'm pretty sure) But those kids LOVE it. I think it is wonderful and every year I take tons of pictures and vow to do a painting of it but then it's the next year already. So, maybe this is the year. Can you just feel the fun in the air? I know. I know, you can almost smell the funnel cakes, huh?


Julie said...

Hi swap buddy! Thanks for stopping by my sight, I woke up this morning and saw the email, so had to come to your sight. Can I just say how BEAUTIFUL your kiddos are!! I love the red hair!!!!

Glad you wanted to partner with someone from overseas. I am happy to oblige! I would love any books, you cannot get them in English here, well some classics you can but that is it. I haven't read the book you mentioned, but would love to!!!

I thought I would send you some fun things from Hungary and things I will make for you... hope that is okay. This is fun!!
Have a great day!

Julie said...

oh and I desperately need to get back into WW, so maybe we could encourage each other... it is so hard doing it overseas, but before kids number 1 I lost 60lbs... so I know I can do it!

Krystal said...

YAY Brooklynn! What a big accomplishment - you have every right to get teary! As for the house..what?? You aren't planning to move anytime SOON are you?? Hope not, we would miss you too much around here. Your family is such a delight in the ward!

Mandy, Brant, Jaxon and Boston said...

YEAH FOR BROOKLYN!!!! I am so glad she is doing so well...I love how all kids have there own time clock...we just wish it was on our time!! Don't worry about your is just perfect and Jaxon tells me at least two times a week how he can't wait to live in a big house. I remind him to become a doctor and then he will have it!! HAHA!! Hope everything is going well!!

Kimberly said...

We are so proud of you Brooklyn! I was so excited to see that you may be commuting with someone in Hungary!!!??? That is where Brady served his mission, and would give anything to get back. How neat that you found someone to talk to over there...maybe...I'm just guessing by reading "Julie's " comment : ) We love you all! Give the kids a squeeze!