Friday, August 8, 2008

Bear Lake

And we're off! Who cares if I didn't get the house sparkling clean or the laundry folded beforehand? Who cares that I didn't do my nails again and they look chipped? Who cares even if Casey threw up this morning? Nothing is going to dampen this vacation except the Lake itself, so help me. As I think back on it, some of my most memorable vacations were when I was sick. Granted, they aren't the most pleasant memories but lets look past that. This vacation will go on.


Heidi Lindsay said...

And it was very successful I think! Casey didn't even seem ill at all! I loved the Condo. FANTASTIC idea!!! Bear Lake was a great place for our reunion!

Michaelangelo said...

Hope you had a great trip! We went to Yellowstone this week and I definitely didn't leave the house sparkling clean... while we were gone my parents came and totally scoured the entire house and mowed the yard. What a nice surprise to come home to!