Thursday, June 5, 2008

Kids out of school

My 7-year-old has changed a bit. In many ways, these changes have been an improvement and show that she's growing up but one of these changes is driving me crazy! She is so persistent about the things she wants. I know, if channeled correctly, this can be a wonderful asset but, right now, it's just running into the lake of annoyance. For example, yesterday we found an old sea monkey habitat on one of our shelves. She wanted to buy some sea monkeys. I said, I'll think about it. Translation: no way, Jose. Leave me alone about the ugly little critters. But about 7 times over the next 8 hours, she asks me if I've made up my mind. Now, really, I might get her some sea monkeys. They are short lived, need no potty training, they are ugly and can't be cuddled so there are fewer tears when their short little lives are up.... they are a pretty ideal pet. But she keeps BUGGING me about it. And finally, I say what I always hated to hear as a child: "IF YOU ASK ME ONE MORE TIME...." So, she started telling Casey to ask me. sigh.

And thanks for the encouragement about Brooklyn. It's hard to keep it up, sometimes. Especially when I hear about people who didn't do anything and their kid is fine. Mandy, you're my hero. You kept at it for SO long and look at that wonderful kid of yours! So, I'll push ahead.

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Kimberly said...

Maddy is also 7, and is the EXACT same way. I'm actually a little bit relieved to hear that maybe it is a phase. Just a thought, we started marble jars with our kids. Good deeds earn a marble, not-so-good deeds lose one. At the end of each month they get to count there marbles and cash them in for $. Glorifies allowance a little bit, and she especially, is ALL about rewards / BRIBERY! Anyway, I've told her that when I say no, that is my answer, and if she persists on asking, she will lose a marble. It has helped so much! Just an idea. Love you!