Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I'm looking for living people who knew my grandparents. It's for a class I'm doing and the pool I have to draw from is getting smaller all the time. I've done 2 interviews from my Grandmother's side but none from my Grandfathers. He was the youngest of the siblings and the last to pass away so it's been hard to track down people who acctually knew him. But, joy of joys! My mother ran into one of her cousins from that side of the family. She is quite a bit older than my Mom and knew my Grandfather quite well! I'm trying to arrange an interview with her and I thought that I would share the joy. I also got my green beans planted. And the lettuce. And I caused some minor havoc with some weeds in the back garden.


Anonymous said...
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Heidi Lindsay said...

Yea! I am excited that you found more people to do interviews with. I am really glad you're doing these. I think their value will be immeasurable! What kinds of questions do you ask? I'm interested in doing some of the same for the other side of our family.

Valerie said...

Glad you are making some progress!