Friday, April 4, 2008

She Came

Erika put her tooth between two shells that she collected last summer. This was because she didn't know what to put a tooth in if it wasn't pulled out at the dentist and there they give you those special little tiny treasure boxes. So, that's the scoop about that. And because the tooth fairy took the treasure box as well as the tooth the last few times, Erika felt that she needed to clarify that she wanted to keep the shells. When I suggested that the tooth fairy would know not to take the shells, she desolved into hopeless tears. What if she didn't!!!!! My thought was then we would have two fewer usless clam shells but I didn't express this opinion to my distraught daughter. Instead, she wrot her a note. That seems to have worked becuase this morning Erika woke up and was super excited to find a dollar bill inside the two shells where her tooth used to be. It seems the tooth fairy was quite reasonable about the whole issue. And might I add that it's a good thing that the tooth fairy's husband reminded her to collect Erika's tooth or we would have had fresh tears this morning and a long talk about how there is only one tooth fairy for the whole world and how she must be very busy with lots of children right now to not have made it and I'm sure she'll make it tonight! ;) If the tooth fairy causes this much drama, how will I Ever handle the teen years?


Valerie said...

Glad to know the tooth fairy came and was so obliging. I am always confused about whether the tooth fairy is male or female. Which is it? I always thought it was a female because of the "fairy" part. But then after watching the Santa Claus 3 and seeing the tooth fairy played by a man, I don't know. Totally lost on that one.

Kimberly said...

LOL!!! If it makes you feel any better, Madison has heard the whole "one tooth fairy for the entire world" For about 5 of the 6 teeth she's lost! Unbelievably, the little she devil snuck in here during broad day light last time, and exchanged the tooth for money! I guess Madison was born with an airhead for a mother, but a professional sneak for a tooth fairy! HAH!

Sandy & Rick Nelson said...

I am glad to hear that it is not just my daughters that a little bit emotional (and it seems at times a little unconsolable)
and Yes like Kimberly my daughters have woken up to see that the tooth fairy is pretty forgetful.