Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday update

We had a relatively quiet Sunday without much to report. Brooklyn has an ear infection and luckily the Dr. we often see lives in our ward. He noticed her pulling at her ears during Sunday School and whispered some questions to me then asked if we wanted to come over real quick after church and he'd check her ears again. Yep, they were indeed infected so he called a prescription in and we got it. Yea for not having to go to the Dr. office again! (We've already been twice this week!)

Mom, Dad and Heidi came to say Hi after a visit in Burley. Here are the some of the cute pictures we got from it. Dad gave everyone a very entertaining demo of how to talk like a pig. You should ask him to show you sometime!


Valerie said...

Cute pictures. I miss seeing your family...they are wonderful!

Heidi Lindsay said...

You are evil for posting such ugly pictrues of me on your blog without even first removing my zits and double chin in Photoshop. I KNOW you know how to do it! ;(
Love ya!