Friday, February 29, 2008

Delays and Dead Spiders

Well, I got an appointment with a developmental pediatrician who specializes in neurology. She's the only one in Salt Lake. It's kind of scary to have to take Brooklyn in to see her but this was the recommendation of my aunt Debbie who knows her stuff about developmental delays. I feel nervous about the whole thing but I'm sure it will be fine. Brooklyn is 14 months old now and sits very well. She is not floppy and atonal but for some reason, she isn't hitting her developmental milestones like she should. She doesn't creep, crawl, push up or roll. For a while she did the sign for eat and Mommy but she hasn't done that for a while either. She did learn the sign for fish, though and has been saying that a bit. And she blows kisses. So cute. I think that maybe she knows she's my last baby and is trying to drag it out a little bit so I won't be so sad about it. On a lighter note, I just noticed this morning that my little Casey doesn't say "forcefield" He says, "horsefield" I heard it this morning when he was playing with Joshua. He said, "Don't Josh! You can't hit me, I have a horsefield!" He also has a spider in his hand right now. It's dead and he wants to keep it. Gross!!!!! I'm making him throw it away.
Here is the precious spider. He must be all boy, I would never have done anything like this.

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